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COVID-19 Research with Mass Cytometry and Applications into Vaccine Research | Thaddaeus Teo, MID

30 September 2020

About This Webinar:
COVID-19 Research with Mass Cytometry and applications into Vaccine Research
Thaddaeus Teo, MID, CyTOF® Application Scientist, Fluidigm

Crucial questions about how SARS-CoV-2 affects our immune system and how to monitor the response to newly developed therapeutic interventions must be answered, and quickly. A single mass cytometry panel can simultaneously evaluate many parameters related to immune-mediated diseases, and easily enable longitudinal immune profiling studies.

In this presentation:
1. Learn about the single-tube mass cytometry advantage - how it addresses analytic challenges of immune-mediated diseases and the complexity of immune response in health and disease.
2. Discover more about the Maxpar® Direct™ Immune Profiling System, a single-tube format and software solution that works with either whole blood or PBMC samples and find out how to customise and expand the panel.
3. Hear about how mass cytometry is used in multi-site studies, clinical trials, vaccine research and projects carried out all over the world.

Live discussion and Q&A following presentation.