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Capturing the cellular gymnastics of survival and killer proteins in blood cancers by mass cytometry

1 December 2021

Fluidigm Greater Asia Webinar Series with Guest Speakers from Asia Pacific region.

We begin the session with a technology introduction by Fluidigm and thereafter a presentation by our Guest Speaker: Dr. Charis Teh from the Gray Laboratory at Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research (WEHI), Australia.

Dr. Charis Teh shares on her work on cell death machinery at the single cell level in multiple myeloma and chronic lymphocytic leukaemia disease cohorts, to identify parameters that implicate treatment outcomes.

The mass cytometry (CyTOF®) technology is a breakthrough new technology that can provide new insights into complex biological systems. It allows high-throughput detection of up to 100 characteristics on a single cell, more than five times the amount of data generated by existing technology. Dr. Charis’ work at WEHI coupled this technology with probes to simultaneously detect cell death, cell cycle, cell signalling and cancer-related pathways before and after drug treatment in three different B cell malignancies. Deep profiling using CyTOF® shed light on the life/death decision pathways of cancerous blood cells, revealing why certain patients are sensitive/resistant and offering new drug combinations that could be explored in clinical trials.