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Mass Cytometry for All – Easy Setup and Comprehensive data with CyTOF | Thaddaeus Teo, MIS

17 December 2020

Presented by Thaddaeus Teo, MIS

Mass cytometry is a proven and well-adopted technology globally, with performance proven to equal or exceed that of fluorescence cytometry.

In this webinar, we will showcase the ease of setup, superior data and our position as the leading choice for high dimensional cytometry analysis.

We will cover:
1. An overview of mass cytometry (MC) technology
2. Learn about the ease of panel design and validation
3. Hear about leading applications and discoveries made possible by CyTOF

About Helios, A CyTOF® System:
Whether investigating therapeutic response in a human subject or a mouse model of disease, getting the most information from every precious sample is a priority in clinical and research studies alike. Mass cytometry with Helios™ uses CyTOF® technology to enable deep profiling of translational and clinical research samples across a range of cell surface and intracellular markers. Designed to significantly reduce signal overlap, mass cytometry empowers researchers to simultaneously interrogate cellular phenotypes, function and signaling status in higher dimension than traditional fluorescence methods.