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Greater Asia Mass Cytometry Day and Data Analysis Master Class

Igniting New Insights with CyTOF® - Greater Asia, 11 August 2021

Mass cytometry, which incorporates cytometry by time-of-flight (the basis for CyTOF® technology), is a powerful platform for high-dimensional single-cell analysis of the immune system. In this session we introduce the next generation of mass cytometer, CyTOF XT™, the most technologically advanced and affordable mass cytometer to date. CyTOF XT builds on the benefits of CyTOF technology while simplifying operation and automating sample acquisition for the best reproducibility and time to results from every run.

Join Fluidigm and De Novo Software for a Data Analysis Master Class covering analysis tools built for high-dimensional mass cytometry.

In this presentation you will learn about:
• CyTOF XT features and benefits
• Tips on data cleanup to maximise data quality
• High-dimensional data analysis approaches using FCS Express™

Igniting New Insights with CyTOF XT
Data Analysis Master Class: High-Dimensional Tools for Mass Cytometry

Live discussion and Q&A following presentation

Jointly organised with De Novo Software.