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Advances in mass cytometry: New standards for deep immune profiling with CyTOF® technology

October 26, 2021

Presenter: Vinicius Motta, PhD, Field Applications Specialist

Abstract: In mass cytometry, cells are labeled with metal-tagged antibodies that are analyzed using time-of-flight mass spectrometry with negligible signal overlap between metals. Thus, compensation or single-stained controls are not required. In addition, mass cytometry has no background analogous to autofluorescence. With the ability to interrogate more than 50 parameters simultaneously on millions of individual cells, mass cytometry has opened new doors to discovery by unveiling new cell types, functions and biomarkers in immunology, cancer, stem cells and more. It also provides a unique opportunity for getting the most information from limited and precious samples such as tumor biopsies.

The years 2019 through 2021 have been the most active yet in the mass cytometry community, with over 800 publications. CyTOF has powered 170 oncology and 140 immuno-oncology publications, and the technology has been adopted by multiple consortia and more than 70 National Clinical Trials.

In this webinar we will discuss the Maxpar® Direct™ Immune Profiling Assay™, a dry 30-marker antibody panel that easily quantifies 37 immune cell populations using a simple single-tube workflow with automated 5-minute analysis and reporting. We will also cover approaches to minimizing technical variation and batch effects in clinical trials using the unique barcoding capabilities of mass cytometry.