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Pathsetter Method Develop: Add a new marker to an existing cell type | Jennifer L. Frahm, PhD

In this mass cytometry master class we will discuss the basic requirements and procedure for Maxpar® Pathsetter™ Method Develop. You will learn how to extend the ImmuneProfilingAssay method to add a new measurement (marker) in the panel to an existing cell type. The workshop is designed for you to do the steps alongside the presentation using the MIP_AdditionalMarkerExample.fcs file in the Tutorials folder that was installed with the Pathsetter software.

Workshop objectives:
• Learn how to use the Measurement Wizard.
• Learn how to use the Cell Type Wizard to add a selection marker.
• Review and modify the newly created report page.
• Understand and add staining assessment to the report.
• Understand and modify Cen-se′™ for the new measurement.

→About the presenter:
Jennifer L. Frahm, PhD
Senior Field Application Scientist, Mass Cytometry

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