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Bring efficiency and reproducibility to biomarker discovery and immunophenotyping studies: CyTOF XT™

This webinar is a peer-grade examination of the new technology from respected Canadian and UK immunologists. You will learn their personal experiences with the CyTOF XT enhancements and upgrades. What are the improvements to CyTOF workflow? How does CyTOF XT expedite deep cell profiling studies? How does it speed analysis of high-parameter data? In addition to those questions and many others, the webinar will address:

• How workflow is streamlined with 24-hour walk-away sample acquisition from the chilled sample carousel
• How to run hands-free for hours with one-time calibration of numerous samples and panels
• How CyTOF XT technology self-monitors potential issues and increases confidence in results

→About the presenter:
Philip Hobson, PhD
Deputy Manager, Flow Cytometry Science and Technology Platform, The Francis Crick Institute

Thiru Selvanantham, PhD
Senior Product Manager, Mass Cytometry, Fluidigm

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.