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Single-Cell Immune Profiling Can Help Resolve Tumor Microenvironment Complexities

The tumor milieu is a complex mixture of immune cells, blood vessels, connective tissue cells and extracellular matrix molecules, which all exert a tremendous influence on the cancerous cells they surround. Investigators are eager to better understand this ecosystem, with particular attention focused on the function of immune cells within this region.

In this GEN webinar we heard how scientists at GlaxoSmithKline are leveraging the high-content single-cell proteomic data from CyTOF® XT to aid in developing novel immunotherapies for cancer.

• How mass cytometry advanced GSK scientists’ understanding of an emerging and complex immune axis that regulates anti-tumor immunity
• How profiling protein expression of this axis in the tumor microenvironment across indications can directly inform the clinical development plans of next-generation immunotherapies
• How CyTOF XT™ will empower GSK to more broadly apply CyTOF technology across the drug discovery pipeline.

Katie Vowell, PhD , Principal Investigator – Immunology, GlaxoSmithKline
Florence Perrin Patel, PhD, Investigator, GlaxoSmithKline
Kevin Brown, PhD , Senior Field Applications Scientist – Proteomics, Fluidigm