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Unraveling Human Microglial Heterogeneity by Multiplexed Mass Cytometry | Chotima Böttcher

Hear Chotima Böttcher, PhD, describe her investigation into the diversity and regional distribution of microglia, a specialized innate immune cell in the brain involved in neural development and neuropathology response.

In this talk recorded at the 7th Annual Mass Cytometry Summit in Prague, Böttcher explains how her lab overcame the limitations of studying human microglia and were able to resolve the heterogeneity of this unique cell, previously only demonstrated in the mouse brain.

→Watch this video to hear about:

- High-dimensional, large-scale immunophenotyping of post-mortem brain tissue with CyTOF® technology
- Development of a novel cryopreservation protocol in combination with barcoding for single-cell profiling of human microglia
- Identification of the phenotypic signature of human microglia in five different brain regions
- Comparative analysis of microglia with peripheral myeloid cells and cerebral spinal fluid