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CyTOF XT: the Next Generation of Mass Cytometry | Vinicius Motta, PhD

In this webinar, Vinicius Motta introduces the CyTOF XT™, the most technologically advanced and affordable mass cytometer to date, designed to build on the benefits of CyTOF technology while simplifying operation and automating sample acquisition. CyTOF XT™ expands what your lab can accomplish by simplifying daily workflow and freeing operator time with walk-away sample resuspension and acquisition from the chilled sample tube carousel. The clog-sensing feature provides internal fluidics monitoring of clog formation and automatically initiates a routine to resolve clogs before potential issues occur. This feature, combined with automated signal optimization throughout each run, allows hands-free, round-the-clock operation of the instrument, greatly increasing overall sample throughput. These features, combined with significant reductions in instrument, installation and operation costs, make all the benefits of high-parameter cytometry with CyTOF accessible to every core facility and service provider.

→About the presenter:
Vinicius Motta, PhD
Field Applications Specialist

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.