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High-Content Cytometry for Investigation, Discovery and Therapeutic Development in Immuno-Oncology

→ Speaker: Roberto Spada, PhD, Standard BioTools™

A brief overview of the use of CyTOF® technology to date in immuno-oncology, as well as an introduction of the newest products offered by Standard BioTools that are particularly relevant for the immuno-oncology field.

Spada explains the advantages of CyTOF and how it has been used to deliver high-content cytometry solutions, emphasizing the beauty of the technology – its capacity to overcome the limitations of fluorescence-based modalities to provide very clear and distinct signals.

CyTOF is the very definition of high-dimensional cytometry that accelerates the whole cytometry workflow, from panel design and validation to the ease of intracellular staining since CyTOF reporters are not light- or fixation-sensitive. This is a significant benefit for immuno-oncology research, as are the advantages of CyTOF for workflow standardization and sample multiplexing by barcoding to minimize batch variation for easier scaling of experiments.