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Leveraging CyTOF to track cancer vaccine induced T cell responses for up to 20 years | Erika Crosby

Long-term tracking of vaccine-elicited tumor antigen-specific T cell responses in cancer patients using CyTOF technology.

A critical element of assessing the success of a vaccine is being able to monitor the activity of small populations of antigen-specific cells over time. Therapeutic cancer vaccines require the added nuance of understanding why some patients respond better than others.

In this presentation, Erika Crosby presents work from clinical trials of three different therapeutic cancer vaccines that leverage CyTOF® as a way to monitor immune responses and correlate those responses with clinical outcomes.

Erika J. Crosby, PhD
Department of Surgery
Office of Biomedical Graduate Education
RCR/R&R Curriculum Manager
Duke University Medical Center

This presentation was recorded during the 2021 Fluidigm Mass Cytometry Summit,
Igniting Insight into Human Health: The CyTOF Edge.

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